Best Sensitivity Settings for PUBG Mobile [Tested]

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG, is one of the most popular games of all time. Played online, this battle is not only a battle of strategies but also your skill and alertness. The more levels you cross, the more challenging the levels grow. At the end of every level, the chicken dinner tastes the sweetest. Of course, with more weapons, the battleground turns even more fascinating. The survivor is the winner. You have to keep up with the challenges by updating yourself. Hone your skills by altering the PUBG game settings such as aiming, Sensitivity adjustments, and tuning the viewing capabilities. To perform the best, you need to make sure you have the correct settings for camera sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, Gyroscope sensitivity, aim to assist, etc. This article will shed light on the best sensitivity options and settings required to improve aiming at enemies in PUBG Mobile.

Best Sensitivity Settings for PUBG Mobile You Should Try

Aiming is highly critical, especially for a shooting game such as PUBG. Moreover, it is all about setting the aim, targeting, and shooting. To survive till the last level, you need to make sure you do not miss anything. Let us first check if your sensitivity settings are set in the precise range. It is to avoid any further hindrances which you may face during the game.

You can monitor the various sensitivity factors shown in PUBG either in training mode or during gameplay. Either way, you will have to go to the Settings gear. Click on Sensitivity from the list. Clicking on it will take you to several Sensitivity options with various ranges. We will give you the right adjustment that will help you with your target. Let us cover one after another for the best Sensitivity for PUBG.

1. Camera Sensitivity Settings

Camera Sensitivity is the first option that shows up on clicking the Sensitivity option in PUBG Mobile. The term refers to the player’s viewpoint, i.e., it determines how fast/slow you will be able to look around while playing It is highly essential since looking around will determine how alert you are during the gameplay. Also, if you miss anything, your speed and your life may be endangered. Normally the default TPP and FPP camera sensitivity settings work as the best sensitivity range for PUBG players.

Here are best camera sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile:

3rd Person Camera95% to 100%
1st Person Camera70% to 75%
Camera95% to 100%

2. Camera + Scope Settings

In this section, remember the rule- ‘Higher the scope, lower is the Sensitivity.’ In short, when you wish to aim using higher scope capacity, your movement must be less. The lack of motion will help you to target better, especially when your destined prey is somewhere close to your aim.

Make the following adjustments in PUBG Mobile camera and scope settings:

3rd Person No Scope95-100%
1st Person No Scope85-90%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist50-55%
2x Scope30-35%
3x Scope20-25%
4x ACOG Scope and VSS15-18%
6x Scope10-13%
8x Scope10-13%

3. Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings

As the name suggests, the Gyroscope sensitivity alteration helps control your lateral and up-down movement without using your fingers or thumbs to move the player on screen. It marks the screen orientation and the mobility of the rotation motion of the device.

The more precise the Gyroscope sensitivity settings, the better device’s track movements are. Try the following adjustments:

3rd Person No Scope95%-100%
1st Person No Scope95%-100%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist:90%-95%
2x Scope120%-125%
3x Scope60%-65%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS50%-55%
6x Scope40%-45%
8x Scope30%-35%

4. ADS Sensitivity Settings

‘Aim Down Sight’ Sensitivity, commonly known as the ADS Sensitivity, determines the control level you have while shooting or firing at the target. When you fire, the recoil movement may hamper your aim. The ADS settings will let you control the recoil response by controlling your gun’s direction while firing.

Tweaking the settings will help enhance your speed, approach your targets smoothly, faster, and with much better efficiency. Use the follow ADS sensitivity settings in the PUBG game:

3rd Person No Scope95%-100%
1st Person No Scope85%-90%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist:55%-60%
2x Scope37%-42%
3x Scope30%-35%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS25%-30%
6x Scope20%-23%
8x Scope10%-13%

How to Aim Better in PUBG Mobile

Now that you know how to fine-tune the Sensitivity settings, the next subject we will address is how to make a better aim. We will walk you through some of the ways that will help you refine your aiming prowess and work on your confidence to fight like a champion.

1. Enable Aim Assist to aim better in PUBG Mobile

It is one of the most favorable options offered by PUBG Mobile after the Sensitivity controls. The Aim Assist feature, as the terminology suggests, assists in improving and perfecting your aim. It rectifies your incorrect target and helps you score a market with the least damage on your part and maximum on your opponents’ position. You will recognize its significance once you reach the advanced levels where enemies and opponents will crowd you. It is when your aiming technique gets crucial. The Aim Assist feature will make sure you kill them all with the perfect gunshots at once. Also, the thrill is something to cherish. A real gamer will get how remarkable the feature is during a crucial battle level.

To enable the Aim Assist feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings marked by the gear icon.
  • Then choose the Basic option from the list.
  • The screen will show you the Aim Assist among the topmost options.
  • Enable Aim Assist by clicking on the Enable toggle

2. Fix your Crosshair Placement to aim better in PUBG Mobile

While experienced gamers appreciate the former feature, crosshair placement is praised by even the beginners in the PUBG Mobile game. After all, who wouldn’t wish to get the best out of a single shot?

Yes, the Crosshair Placement feature will help you target your aim in a way that you either kill your target in one blast or else do the maximum damage with a single boom! 

For instance, as a beginner, you must have attempted to aim at the ground or the opponent’s body instead of the right place. The Crosshair Placement will make sure to place your aim at the enemy’s head. Boom! It will ensure optimum damage in a single fire.

The rule is to keep your crosshair at 90 degrees to the battleground or any flat surface. The right-angled placement is considered on the mark.

3. Set correct sensitivity settings to aim better in PUBG Mobile

The Sensitivity option is right inside the Settings. There you will find several Sensitivity options such as Camera, ADS, etc. The screen gives you four overall options- Low, Medium, High, and Customize. Choosing Customize will help you customize the various sensitivity adjustments, as discussed earlier in the article. You can always test these numbers in the training mode before you try them live on PUBG.

Tweaking the settings will have a great deal of impact on your battling and attacking motions, especially your aiming skills. Some will also help you regulate your weapon’s recoiling effect. The best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile is possible herein.

4. Make use of the Gyroscope to aim better in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Gyroscope controls will help you track your game’s movement through the screen orientation and the device’s motion. Make the necessary alterations to brush up your attacking skill, as discussed above. The feature is highly recommended if you wish to aim at your enemies using the gyroscope sensors without worrying about your thumb or finger.

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The article focused on improving your aiming skills by two primary means, i.e., by adjusting the Sensitivity settings and making other necessary changes such as enabling the Aim Assist and Crosshair Placement features. The latter will boost your aim. Make every shot count. Try them all on the training mode and gain mastery in no time. Good luck, champ!

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