Quarantine Anxiety Making It Difficult To Work? These Online Games Will Definitely Help You Relax

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Ram Thakur

COVID-19 has made the whole world standstill. The worldwide lockdown has made people worry about their livelihood and future. Moreover, there has been quarantine anxiety that makes it difficult for people to concentrate on their work. 

If you are also going through the same phase, try playing stress buster online games.

Ludo has always been quite a popular and well-known board game in the Indian household. There is a ludo championship in which you can join according to your need and demand.

Apart from that, there are many games that you can play to keep yourself relaxed. Each of these games has something unique and different features that make them famous. 

So, Without Further Ado, Let’s Check Out These Stress Relief Online Games:

1. Flow Free®

This game comes with some eerie and calming experience that you are less likely to find in other online games. Flow Free®, a simple puzzle game, starts as a tiny organism, generally as a torso and mouth. It would be best if you swam around in the blue gloop consuming the other small organisms. 

At a later stage of the game, you will find that the creature has been changed. After a while, you will become longer, and you will be chasing a more massive quarry. 

Flow Free® is not always likely to be forward motion. Few of the soup mates will also nibble bits off you. It is up to you as to how you would save the bacon. It is considered to be great to play this game with the simplistic design and music included in the game. 

2. Home Sheep Game

There are so many games that help you lessen your stress and anxiety, but very few of them tend to be as good as Home Sheep Home. You are supposed to find this game on the website of Shaun, the Sheep

It has a beautiful physics engine that makes it a dream game for all the people that play it. Once you learn the necessary tricks, then it will feel very natural for you. You, as a player, will be given three controllable Sheep of various sizes. 

You are required to work out for getting three different sheep known as Shirley (overweight), Shaun (medium-sized), and Timmy (tiny). Once you start playing this game, then you will be hooked to this game in no time. 

The characters of Home Sheep Home are so adorable. It is the main reason why people get to lessen their stress and tension while playing this game.

3. Flower Reaction

Flower Reaction is another fantastic stress buster game that you are likely to play. Every stage in this game starts with some number of the little flowers that float around the screen and eventually bounce off edges. 

The cursor of your screen is known to be another flower. If you click, it will stop, and the blooms grow about several times of its previous size. If some flower gets to bump into this flower, then that flower will also become more significant. 

This game’s primary purpose is to time the first flower to get the most considerable chain reaction. This is why it is named a Flower Reaction. Different colored flowers do some tricks, such as growing massively, lingering longer. You need to know various aspects of this game to win it. Also, you have to enable flash player on your browser to play it.

4. Sudoku

Do you work in a company where you need to go through many excel sheets full of data every day? If yes, then opting for Sudoku is an excellent option. It is a brain-teasing game that is ideal for keeping your stress at bay.  You can play this game using the browser on your smartphone or computer. No installation is required.

Another positive side of Sudoku is you can play it anytime, as it takes hardly 5-10 minutes. Putting in numbers from 1-9 in each row and column such that they don’t overlap is fun and intellectual. 

5. Casanova Kisser

Casanova Kisser is known to be another game that is great at lessening your stress in the best way possible. In this game, different giraffes have different length necks. As a player, you are supposed to click and then hold the mouse for extending your head so that it can get a kiss. 

To score high in the Casanova Kisser game, you have to land a kiss on other giraffes’ lips. Once you land a kiss, then you will be able to collect floating bonuses in the process. This is known to be very cute, that it is guaranteed to lower your tension and stress. To play this game, you have to enable Flash Player on your browser.

6. Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is one of the calming and relaxing online games dedicated to pet lovers, especially those fond of cats. The rules are fundamental. You have to place food and snacks in your yard and wait for the cats to come.

These lure all the cats and kittens, and you can have a great time with them. But this game has no winner or loser option. It is only for pure fun and removing your anxiety.  You can download the Neko Atsume game on your Android and iOS phones to have some extra fun.

7. Little Wheel

The beautiful graphics make Little Wheel very popular among its users. Its graphics have won several awards. As far as this game’s objective is concerned, you are required to work out how to get the robots across the town. If you give it a shot, then you are guaranteed to like this game to the fullest. 

To play Little Wheel, you have to enable the Flash player on your browser. You don’t need to install it on your computer or smartphone, isn’t it cool?

8. Ludo Supreme

Last but not least, you can have a perfect time playing Ludo Supreme. The specialty of this game lies in the fact that both adults and kids can enjoy it together. Also, you can win real money and get it transferred to your Paytm wallet. You can play it on the smartphone online with strangers or with your friends. Also, you should know that most good quality ludo apps are free, but some are paid. 


So, this is it for today. These eight online games are an excellent choice for all the people who find it challenging to handle their anxiety in this quarantine period. Select any game that fits your needs and start playing and enjoy it with your friends or family. You can play them even alone and be happy!

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