How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is a widely known battle royale game. PUBG Mobile offers excellent graphic quality and is a mind-steaming strategic game that necessitates one’s strategic perspective and focuses. The game has Unknown Cash (UC) and Battle Points as a gamer’s reward points. It would be great if you had enough of them to buy new weapons, vehicle skins, brand new outfits, or maybe an Elite Pass. But the question is how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile?

Check Out the 6 Ways to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2022:

1. The Elite Pass

It is nearly impossible for the PUBG game to reward you with free UC. Instead of raising your hopes against wishful thinking, it is better to invest your time and money to get yourself the Elite Pass. The Pass is like a genie that would not only bring you the luxury of playing the battle but also significant, fulfilling rewards. Among these rewards, PUBG may offer you UC as well.

You will require 600 UC to buy the Elite Royale Pass. With the Pass, PUBG will grant you a reward whenever you win a seasonal challenge known as RP missions. Once you finish these missions successfully, PUBG will offer you a total of 600 UC. That is the same amount you had spent on the Pass!

What you sow is what you reap.

Get the free UC on your PUBG Android and iOS devices now.

2. Google Play Free Credit points

If you want to get free UC through the PUBG Mobile Android hack, you need the help of your Google Play store. The store offers you Google Play Credit, which you can buy easily using your Debit or Credit Card or other electronic payment means. Using these Google Play Credit, you can buy the UC directly from the game’s application.

  • Open the PUBG Mobile app on your device.
  • Go to the UC Purchase section in the app.
  • Under the option, you can buy the required UC, equivalent to the Credit you have purchased from the Google Play store.
  • Choose the Google Play Credit option as the payment choice.
  • The credits will automatically be deducted, and the UC balance will show in your account.
  • Use these UC to buy new skins or weapons.
  • You will note that buying UC through Credit is relatively cheaper than the actual worth.

3. Google Surveys

Apps such as Google Opinion Rewards are programmed to conduct surveys from users around the globe. As a reward, the application will reward you compensation in the form of money or Google Play Balance, which can be used to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Android.

Consider the following steps-

  • Look for Google Opinion Rewards in the Google Play store on your android devices.
  • Install the same and login with your details.
  • Now answer a few questions and take the survey. Initially, the survey questions won’t reward you with any compensation. However, subsequently, your answers will yield sweet fruits in the form of Google Play Balance.
  • Have you collected enough of Balance to buy the required UC?
  • If yes, go to the PUBG app on your device.
  • Find the UC Purchase section therein.
  • Choose how much amount of UC you want to purchase, keeping in mind your Balance money.
  • Once selected, select Google Play Balance as your payment method.
  • The Balance is automatically debited while your purchased UC is credited into your account.
  • Enjoy shopping on PUBG using your free UC.

4. Google Play Cards

Now Android users can rely on some of the apps that would reward them with Google Play Cards, another PUBG free UC hack.

There is an app called appKarma available on the Google Play store and has a 4.2 rating there. The app rewards users once they have finished the assigned task successfully.

  • Go to Google Play store and install appKarma.
  • Register yourself with the necessary details.
  • Once logged in, choose a task among the various options assigned.
  • Once selected, you will have to finish the designated job successfully.
  • Fulfill the job and earn points.
  • Use these points to buy the Google Play Gift Cards.
  • Use these Gift cards in the app to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Android without paying in money.

5. The Bonus Challenge

The Bonus Challenge is a legitimate PUBG free UC trick that lets you play the PUBG Mobile app’s Challenges using your Battle Points. If you win the challenges, you get rewarded with exclusive items, including UC.

The higher the challenge, the more UC you earn. However, if you fail to complete the challenge, you will end up losing your BP for no UC in return. For every 1000 BP, you can get free 100 UC in PUBG Mobile iOS or Android devices. Tread wisely.

6. Get Free PUBG Free UC from Apps

Earlier, we came across a few apps that will help you get free UC in PUBG Mobile on Android smartphones without actual money payment. Check them out now.

Google Opinion Rewards is a reward offering application developed by the Google Surveys team and has a 4.3 rating. Once downloaded, you will have to answer some basic questions about yourself. Subsequently, the app will send you surveys now and then. You will receive a notification once a survey is sent. Please take the survey and receive Play Credit on completing it.

UC Cash Calc For Pubg 2022 is one of the apps to get free UC in PUBG Mobile on iOS devices. You can download the app on the App Store. The app is free and has a 4.8 rating. The app offers you challenging quizzes which you can answer to win free UC and BP. You these UC and points to buy new skins, guns, armors, etc.

Swagbucks: Download the app on Google Play and enjoy winning Google Credits. The app will offer you various tasks such as watching a video, taking a survey, and alike. Finish these tasks and earn money. The money can be used to get the Google Gift Card, which you can later redeem to get free UC on PUBG Mobile. Try this PUBG free UC hack now.

Bonus: A Few More Websites to Earn Cash for Free and Use Them to Buy PUBG UC:

  • Zupee Gold: It helps you earn Paytm cash by answering some of their questions. On answering correctly, money is credited to the Paytm wallet. The wallet money can, after that, be redeemed to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. There is an app on the Google Play store to help you download Zupee Gold.
  • Feature Points: Earn some reward money by completing the task assigned by Feature Points. Redeem these rewards as Google Credit points and know how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2022.
  • GrabPoints: Like Feature Points, the app lets you win Gift cards worth $10.00 to $100.00 or free Paypal cash by taking surveys, watching videos, or any other specific assignment. You can use this website and PUBG free UC link to redeem.

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With the above six PUBG free UC hacks, you now know how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile without spending a dime. However, some PUBG free UC tricks involve BP payment while the rest consists of installing a few apps and collecting Google Credit points. The latter may take a while for you to accumulate the required points over a period. Once you have enough, redeem them and learn the art of getting free UC in PUBG Mobile Android hack. I hope, now you know how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2022. You can use the UC when and how you wish to level up your ante.

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