Download PUBG Mobile OBB File: New Era Global v1.0 APK

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Are you disappointed with the PUBG ban in India? Good news for the PUBG Mobile lovers. 

Many of us are aware of the disheartening news when most South Asian countries banned all the Chinese game apps, including PUBG. We have some excellent news for the fans. PUBG Mobile OBB file download for 2022 is finally out. Yes! You heard it right. The 1.0.0 version was released on the 7th of September.

Get the PUBG New Era update by downloading PUBG OBB file and 1.0 APK mobile version. In this article, you will learn the best features available in the latest update, how to download the APK+OBB files, and step-by-step installation tips. Let us explore.

PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.0 APK + OBB

PUBG Mobile developed by Tencent Games now has a 1.0.0 version known as PUBG Mobile: New Era. With more than a billion downloads, the app requires roughly around 2.27 GB while the update occupies 1.8 GB of your device storage. 

A while ago, the Indian Government, along with other countries, banned 119 Chinese apps, including PUBG. However, this unfortunate news does not impact the ones who already have PUBG installed on their mobile devices. They can still play the old version. Unfortunately, Indian gamers cannot have the best of both worlds- they cannot download the PUBG Mobile OBB file in 2022 and Erangel 2.0 Map. The following topic is a guidance manual for the New Era global version. 

PUBG Mobile 1.0 APK + .OBB File Download 2022

After the PUBG ban in India, fans have been looking forward to the PUBG Mobile New Update download (APK + OBB Files) ever since the teaser was released on the 23rd of August. But, downloading the latest PUBG Mobile OBB file is a tricky job. But, hey don’t worry! We’re here to help.

The PUBG Mobile APK OBB file downloading option isn’t available on Google Play Store in India. So, here is a step-by-step installation guide for you. The following links are safe and secure. Download the PUBG OBB file using the APK downloader from the below mirror links.

Follow these steps to download and install PUBG Mobile 1.0 OBB and APK:

  1. Click to download the PUBG Mobile OBB file (1.8GB) and PUBG Mobile 1.0 APK file (60MB). Make sure you have enough internet data and space on the internal storage of your smartphone.
  2. Your phone may not allow the download. Enable the ‘Install from an Unknown Sources’ option. Go to Settings >> Safety and Privacy >> click the toggle beside Allow Installation from Unknown Sources
  3. Install the APK file. Please do not open it now. 
  4. Once the APK installation is completed, copy the OBB files to Internal Storage >> Android >> OBB >> com.tencent.ig (create the folder “com.tencent.ig” if it is not there already). Please see the screenshot below if it is confusing.
  5. Copy the downloaded OBB files to the above folder. 
  6. Once copying the OBB files, launch PUBG Mobile 1.0 the way you always do -by clicking the PUBG icon.
  7. Enjoy the brand new PUBG Mobile with Erangel 2.0 and other features.
Android > OBB > com.tencent.ig
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If you come across any error during installation, do not hesitate to download all the files once again. Make sure to repeat the steps. Robust internet connectivity is required. 

PUBG Mobile APK OBB download from App Store (Outside India)

Go to your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and look for PUBG Mobile on your android devices. Voila! If you don’t find the game or the download is failing, you can try other options explained in this article.

We know that the game is banned in many regions today. We understand if your Play Store doesn’t show PUBG anywhere in its list, or your device is no more compatible. Worry not! You can always rely on Google Server and get the APK Downloader, which will generate the latest APK and OBB files for the latest PUBG version. Just mention your OS and mobile device.

Use the APK downloader and copy-paste the following URL.

Mention your OS version and your device details. The link will take you to the PUBG update. Open PUBG Mobile and have fun.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update?

The PUBG Mobile new update introduces the much-awaited Erangel 2.0 map, all equipped with additional building structures, locations as in the Mansion, Sosnovka Military Base, Quarry Prison areas, rebuilt Mylta Powers, and added new bunkers. Erangel 2.0 version’s trenches, wooden barricades, and abandoned tanks allow gamers free access that enables them to loot quickly. The PUBG Mobile: New Era update is promising to the gamers with a change in environment, change in characters, and impressive lobby lights. Also, there is an improvement in interaction, character motion, and sound quality.

Moreover, fans will appreciate the stunning visuals, customizable graphics, and revamped maps in this new PUBG Mobile update. Not only that, but users can also set the graphic quality to its max level. With a higher FPS support, gamers have a better screen refresh rate. Using OnePlus phones, you get to play with a mind-blowing experience on a 90Hz screen refresh rate. With an indigenous UI, players can now expand the player Space. Other excellent attributes the PUBG Mobile lite OBB file version offers are parachuting, sprinting, throwing, and fresh color tones on the interface. 

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With the above-detailed instructions, you now have your opportunity to install and entertain yourself with the popular online shooting game on your mobile. It is handy and even more entertaining. With so many exciting features, the latest version will hold you in its grasp while engaging your mind with the best battleground space and an overall captivating escapade.


When did PUBG announce its new update?

PUBG Mobile announced the New Era (PUBG Mobile 1.0) update on August 24 and released on September 8, 2020.

How can I download OBB for PUBG Mobile?

Enable install apps from the Unknown Sources on your phone through Settings >> Security >> Privacy >>Unknown Sources. Once done, download the OBB 1.8GB file. Save the same in a folder containing the link Android >> OBB >> com.tencent.ig. After that, you can launch your game now.

How to install the OBB file in PUBG mobile?

You can follow the guide given above to install PUBG Mobile OBB file on your smartphone.

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