8 Benefits of Playing Chess (For Adults & Kids)

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Ram Thakur

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for people across the globe, and it has transformed the way billions of people live. Similarly, it has brought about massive changes to the world of chess.

Even though online chess was always around, its popularity surged when over-the-board chess was canceled due to the pandemic. An explosion of chess activity took place when people started shifting to online play. The boost came from pandemic-induced lockdowns and also the popular Netflix miniseries, The Queen’s Gambit. The series helped in attracting many new players to the game of chess.

Traditionally, chess hasn’t catered to casual players and beginners. Most people are intimidated by chess because of the seriousness of the game. However, online chess has brought a refreshing change to the scenario. Many less committed players are attracted to online chess, which may have never played the game before.

Furthermore, the amazing advantages of online chess are undeniable. For instance, online chess is quick and convenient because traveling or accommodation costs are not involved. In over-the-board tournaments, organizers are expected to hire a hall, provide refreshments, arrange chess sets and clocks, etc. For playing chess online, all you need is your phone or other mobile device and an Internet connection.

Top 8 Advantages of Playing Chess in the COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Playing Chess Trains the Mind

Unlike other mobile games, chess offers entertainment and education. Both children and adults spend hours playing chess, and it helps in training the mind. Known as an intellectual sport, playing chess can help keep your mind sharp and alert. Since you are not meeting new people and engaging in meaningful conversation, chess is one way to keep your brain active.

For playing the game, you need to learn the rules and carefully observe your opponent’s moves. Your moves must be strategic, so you can beat your opponent and save your King.

2. Improves Concentration

If you’re struggling to concentrate or focus, you can play chess online and practice concentration. As every move must be carefully played, you cannot afford to lose focus. You will see the results in real life when you have to complete tasks that require your utmost attention and concentration.

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3. There’s No Age to Play Chess Online

Chess is one of those games that everyone can play, and it is even great for children. Kids who play chess are sharper, smarter, and more observant. They are even found to perform better in school assignments. So, if you’re thinking of preparing your child for school, you can do it through a game of chess. Thanks to online chess, you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment or gear. Instead, sit with your child, and both of you can bond over a round of online chess amidst the lockdown.

4. Opportunity to Meet Online Chess Friends

You can play chess alone or choose to play with online players from across the globe. When you play with various chess players, you get the chance to learn from them and make friends. You can follow their strategies and improve your game, or you can make friends discuss the latest happenings in the world of chess. The best part? You don’t have to leave your home to talk about chess or play the game. You can do it all from your couch while maintaining COVID-19 restrictions.

5. Playing Chess Raises IQ

The chess game always had a reputation and image problem because people saw it as a game for brainiacs. But it is not a game that only people with already high IQs enjoy, but you can play the game to improve your IQ. Once you get the hang of the game, you can raise your IQ by moving rooks and knights around.

6. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

If you are unaware, your brain works like a muscle, and it requires exercise like any quad or bicep to be healthy. Chess is considered one of the best brain-stretching activities, and people playing the game can avoid the development of Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, playing a lot of chess during lockdown will give your brain the exercise it needs to stay healthy.

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7. Boosts Memory

Most people are struggling to adjust to a post-pandemic world where nothing is as it was before. Even though in certain places in the world, the COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, people are afraid to visit crowded places or host large gatherings. Most employees prefer the world-from-home option or opting for hybrid work culture. But just staring at the laptop screens or not meeting people is making many people have memory issues. Playing chess can help enhance your memory and keep your brain active. The game demands players remember the opponent’s moves.

8. Excellent Problem-Solving Skills Are Acquired by Playing Chess

Chess players are also known to have better problem-solving skills because they’re calm under intense situations. The game of chess requires players to overcome pressure situations by not losing their calm tactfully. So, if you cannot control your temper or have been feeling too frustrated lately, playing chess can help align your energy and calm your nerves. In summation, make the most of the lockdown by playing chess online. You can improve your health and pass your time. The game can be played anywhere if you have access to the Internet.

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