How to Get Noticed as a Cosplayer and Build Up Contacts

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To become a cosplayer, you must first understand Cosplay and Anime. With an understanding of both as a foundation, you can begin the transition from anime fan to a cosplayer. After all, as a newcomer, you cannot do all of the makeup, post-production, and prop making by yourself. So, you need the help of others, and at this point, connections are very important. So, how do you get through to people? Below, I have collected some methods for your reference.

10 Tips to Get Noticed as a Cosplayer and Build Up Contacts:

1. Go to Comic-Con More Often

You can find the exact time and location of Comic-Con on the relevant website. Comic-Con is where the cosplayers gather! You can definitely meet someone who can help you.

2. Help Cosplayers

If someone at Comic-Con asks for help, you should definitely help them. Being helpful is a good moral quality, and helping others is probably helping yourself as well.

3. Be Proactive and Start Conversations

If you meet a cosplayer you particularly like and admire, don’t hide your admiration; it’s necessary to strike up a conversation. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get to know one more cosplayer. And don’t think that anyone will come on to you unless you really have the urge to make someone else want to hook up with you. Newcomers must be proactive.

4. Understand that Cosplayers Act as a Team

Generally speaking, cosplayers at Comic-Con don’t act alone. That means that if you get to know one person, you get to know a bunch of people, which is a great feeling, right? (Haha, cosplayers are herd animals).

5. Join Cosplay Forums

Join some cosplayer exchange groups and follow some cosplay forums. These are the most active places for cosplayers. You can learn a lot about Cosplay here. Don’t be anxious if you join a cosplayer exchange group and see very little information about cosplaying. After all, the group is just a platform for cosplayers to chat, which doesn’t mean it’s pointless to join. As a cosplayer, the conversation will always revolve around anime or cosplay-related matters, which require your serious attention.

6. Ask Questions in the Groups

I recommend that you ask as many questions as you can in the group. So, cosplayers will think you’re a humble and serious newcomer and will be willing to answer your questions (but be careful not to ask meaningless gossip, as cosplayers are very resistant to it).

7. Avoid Delicate and Sensitive Subjects

Try to avoid the topic of high-profile cosplayers in the group, even if you like her a lot. Because in today’s cosplay world, high-profile cosplayers are a delicate and sensitive subject. Don’t mention it if you can.

8. Pick Up & Drop Group Members

If someone in the group says, “I’m going to XX’s house to fix my wig tomorrow, which one of you is going? / “I’m going to XX’s house tomorrow to make (or pick up) clothes, who’s going?” And so on and so forth, you must take the opportunity to go with them. When you go, pay attention to the route you take and get familiar with the process. This will make it a lot easier for you to prepare for Cosplay later on. After all, you know what cosplay stores are in your city!

9. If You’re Not Ready, Don’t Go!

If you’re not ready to go to Comic-Con, I suggest you don’t go if you’ve met someone in the group who is organizing it. After all, we all understand the importance of first impressions, and carrying other people’s bags in your everyday clothes is definitely better than an incomplete and broken cosplay at Comic-Con.

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10. Learn to Be Agreeable

When you have a good understanding of what the cosplayers in your group like, you’ll definitely have a vast network of people. But this is not an easy thing to do. It’s necessary to build up a network, and it’s always much more fun and more comfortable to cosplay with a group of like-minded people than to go it alone.

Please don’t worry about socializing with strangers, because a common hobby is a great way to bring strangers closer together. If you want to have more cosplaying buddies or buy cosplay costumes, is the right choice. On the Cosplaylab website, you may meet cosplayers from different countries.

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