How to Get Free Google Play Codes and Gift Cards

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Google Play Codes and Gift Cards can be used across all Google Play powered platforms to purchase premium apps, games, e-books, movies, music, and devices.

You can download numerous free apps from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user but the best apps and games are not FREE and ask for payment to access their premium feature. But there are ways to use these premium features without paying and not many know about it. It is called free Google Play codes. If you know where to find the Google Play promo codes, you can use many premium games and apps.

Here are 10 free Google Play codes you can try in 2020:

CodesLast Checked
7P8V-MGTV-AU6Q-XKS4-7AJMarch 2020
7P8V-M3GM-77LC-WS63-ELAMarch 2020
L5WD-MWFX-8Y5E-DM24-K2March 2020
7P8V-LW6M-VQSH-W8HZ-DKJMarch 2020
L5WD-M99B-C7AM-FE7Q-N2March 2020
7P8V-M6KS-XJQJ-7ZJT-7FJMarch 2020
TMVN-MVSN-4G52-0XXF-8F26-461 March 2020
3PEL-2JPV-TD8K-S3L9-EYU5-UBA March 2020
LMFC-YK87-RR19-5JTC-KSD2-PK7 March 2020
G2CA-25KY-A69R-6G7C-MFBA-6SB March 2020

Note: You should check Google’s T&C to know more about the use of the services.

Here’s how you can get and redeem free Google Play codes and gift cards:

1. GPlayReward – provides free Google Play codes

1. GPlayReward - get free google play codes

GPlayReward is a community website for those who want free Google Play promo codes and want to stay away from the scammers. GPlayRewards is an authentic website that is always working hard to deliver the right product to you. Here you can earn as many free Google play codes as you want.

All you have to do is signup and then you can earn the free codes to redeem on Google Play by completing offers, spinning the wheels, referring friends, and by logging in every day. And once you have collected enough points, you can redeem it for free gift cards for Google Play Store. You can also get Bitcoins, or PayPal money, for your points. And if you have something else, something specific in mind, just email them. 

2. SwagBucks – earn Google Play codes for free

2. SwagBucks - Google Play codes for free

SwagBucks is yet another website that allows you to earn points and redeem them as Google Play codes for free. You can use it to use premium apps’ features across Google Play platforms.

To get Google Play promo codes, all you have to do is signup and then various activities like shopping online, do web searches, find great deals, take surveys and watch videos to accumulate the points on SwagBucks’ website. Once you have enough points, you can redeem the points for PayPal cash, a gift card to an online store or free codes to Google Play.

3. PointsPrizes – gives you free Google Play promo codes via email

3. PointsPrizes - get free google play codes

PointsPrizes has easy and unique methods for getting Google Play free promo codes via email. They give you points for submitting your Email ID for their newsletter or filling a survey and completing other similar offers. And then you can exchange these points for the codes.

At this website, you can earn enough points in an hour for getting your Google Play promo codes, especially f you are a resident of Canada or the United States. 

4. GrabPoints – to get free Google Play codes

4. GrabPoints - Google Play codes for free

GrabPoints is one of the best websites to get free Google Play codes. All you have to do is complete surveys, download apps, watch videos, etc. But you will have to register first which is free.

After registration, you get an invite code in your email through which you can immediately earn points and start doing tasks. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for various rewards like getting Google Play codes that you can use for making purchases in Google Play. 

5. CashNGifts – earn Google Play codes

5. CashNGifts - get free google play codes

CashNGifts has more features to earn Google Play codes. It offers various tasks to earn points. When you log in, you will see a list of offers and deals you might want to buy or share for earning money.

Pick one, click on it and you will be taken to the buy page. If you want to buy the deal, click on buy & save. And if you want to share your deal and make money, click on sell & earn. And when your contact buys the deal, you get points. When you have enough points, you can redeem it for Google Play free promo code. 

6. PayPrizes – to win free google play codes

6. PayPrizes - Google Play codes for free

PayPrizes is yet another popular website for winning free Google Play codes. For that, you can either complete a task like referring the website to family and friends. You can also earn points by using offer walls for knowing about the advertiser’s latest services and products.

If you are a mobile gaming fan, you can collect points for every downloading apps. Or, you can take surveys and watch ads for points and gift cards as well. All you have to do is signup and when you have enough points, you can redeem it for Google Play codes.

7. GiftsJunkie – complete tasks to get free Google Play codes

7. GiftsJunkie - get free google play codes

GiftsJunkie is known for giving out free Google Play promo codes in return for some tasks. You can watch adds, download a certain app, or survey routers for points. You can earn a lot of points quickly and then redeem them for Google Play Codes. With these codes, you can make in-app purchases or download a premium app from the Playstore. 

8. FeaturePoints – earn free Google Play codes by installing apps

8. FeaturePoints - Google Play codes for free

FeaturePoints allows you to earn points by downloading free apps and trying them. You can also earn the points by completing surveys. You can use these points for obtaining codes for Google Play. You can redeem code for Google Play in the Play Store.

Here, you can also earn cashback for shopping in your favorite stores online. And you can also earn points for sharing FeaturePoints with your friends and family.

9. CashKarma – get Google Play free promo code

9. CashKarma - get free google play codes

With CashKarma, you can win points in a similar way to the other websites do, by watching trailers for various apps or by downloading and using the listed apps. You can use these reward points to get Google Play free promo code along with codes for Xbox, Amazon, Nintendo, Playstation and other established brands. You also get points for installing CashKarma. You can also earn a bonus by earning achievement badges.

10. AppNana – provides Google play codes for free

10. AppNana - Google Play codes for free

AppNana is similar to the above-mentioned sites to get free Google play codes and gift cards. You download apps and games to earn points. But what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it offers points every day after you log in to AppNana. After that, you can earn more points by downloading apps like FB and playing games like Candy Crush.

Fun, right?

AppNana is available for both iOS and Android users. You can redeem these points for free Google Play codes` You can also redeem these points on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon as well. 

11. FreeMyApps – get free Google Play gift cards

11. FreeMyApps - get free google play codes

FreeMyApps is one reliable way to redeem code for Google Play. You can download the sponsored games and apps upon being offered to earn bonus points. You can also participate in events of social media and refer the app to your contacts for earning more points. And watching videos on Youtube is yet another way to earn points.

You can then redeem your points for Google Play codes. And if you don’t want the codes, you can exchange them and in-game currencies for receiving Gift Cards.

12. Cubicer – earn free codes for Google Play

12. Cubicer - Google Play codes for free

Cubicer is also known as Cubic Rewards app and like all the above-mentioned apps and websites, it also allows you to get free codes to redeem on Google Play. By referring it to your contacts, playing games, and downloading apps, you can earn reward points and redeem them either for codes or Paypal balance.

These are the few ways you can earn free codes for Google Play and redeem them. Since Google Play codes and gift cards are acceptable on every Google Play powered platform, you can purchase the top-rated apps, E-books, and Blockbuster movies from the Google Play Store. Moreover, using Google Play Store gift cards and codes, you can buy premium version software or unlock in-app features of apps and games.

Still have questions? Check out Google Play Codes FAQs below.

What are some other ways to get free Google Play redeem codes?

Google will give you a free Google Play gift card if you buy the Chromecast device from the store.

How do I redeem the free codes for Google Play?

Open the Google Play Store app, go to the menu and tap on redeem. Enter the code and tap on the redeem button.

How do I receive the free codes for Google Play?

Usually, the websites and apps send the free Google Play codes to your registered email. Make sure you read their instructions mentioned on these websites.

What amounts of Google Play cards can I buy?

You can go for cards worth $10, $15, $25, $50 or $100.

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